How to choose diamond rings, diamond ring Selection Tips Summary

In addition to the selection of diamond rings to pay attention to 4C quality and withdrawal materials, but also need to look at the style, as well as the brand and other aspects, the selection of diamond rings summarized as follows:

Rhombus Topaz White Gold Ring

Diamond 4C Quality:

4 C is an important factor affecting the price and quality of diamonds, the first thing to consider when choosing a diamond ring is 4 C. 4C refers to weight, clarity, color and cut, and the higher the 4C, the better the diamond quality, the more expensive the price. When buying a diamond ring, it is recommended to look at the cut first, then look at the clarity and color, and finally consider the weight.

Blindly pursue the weight of the large carat diamond ring is not advisable, if the cut, color and cleanliness is poor, the value of the diamond ring will be greatly reduced, and the wearing effect is not particularly good, but if you choose a moderate weight, cut, color and clarity is also better diamond ring, the ring wearing in the hand shines dazzling light, The hand-to-hand room sets off a personal elegance and charm.

Cut Out Pattern White Gold Ring

Abstinence Material:

Platinum diamond Ring: Stylish generous, simple design atmosphere, platinum metal color can perfectly set off the diamond luster, Platinum nature is pure, never fade, like after time honed and unchanging love, and platinum is known as “Love Metal”, and the symbol of pure and flawless love with the diamond collocation, the meaning is also more romantic and profound.

18K Gold diamond ring: rich and varied colors, different ring colors can set off different skin tones, 18K gold hardness is high, can be firmly inlaid with large carat diamonds, but also competent for some of the more complex style design, will not easily drop the drill, in terms of price, other aspects of the same, 18K gold diamond ring than platinum diamond ring is cheaper.

Raised Pattern White Gold Ring


If you want to buy a proposal diamond ring, then you should choose the style design is more luxurious, inlaid with a larger diamond style, generally we will choose more than 30 points of the diamond ring.

If you want to buy a wedding diamond ring, then you should choose the style design is more low-key, simple style, because the wedding ring is a man and a woman each, so if the man feels that the diamond inlaid is too niang, then you can choose to set the diamond dark in the inner wall or the style of the vegan circle; The material can be unified.

If you buy a diamond ring as a daily wearing jewelry, then you can choose according to their preferences can be set off a personal temperament and hand type of diamond ring on the good. General women’s hand type are more petite, you can choose the style design exquisite, dexterous diamond ring.

Classic Solitaire Rose Gold Ring


Different jewelry brands have different styles, some fashion, atmosphere, some personality, some are fashionable, young, light luxury; So choose a brand that matches your personal temperament to buy diamond rings is also very important, the main thing is different brand added value is not the same, diamond ring prices are not the same. The added value of the international first-line jewelry brand is certainly higher than that of other brands.

Then there is, to choose a brand with a certain degree of visibility, quality assurance to buy diamond rings, brands need to be able to provide relevant diamond inspection certificates, and user evaluation is good. In addition, the brand should also provide perfect after-sales service.

Some people buy diamond rings, more than the meaning of the brand. Then brands like Jewelry by Mail are a good choice, DR diamond rings need men to customize with ID card, and a lifetime can only customize one, the diamond ring to the loved one in this life, representing the “love you only one person in a lifetime” romantic commitment.

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The above content is about the diamond ring selection skills Summary, in the purchase of diamond rings, it is recommended that we first set a reasonable budget, and shop around after making a choice, to buy the most suitable for their own diamond ring.

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