Silver Wedding

Silver Wedding is how many teenagers are married

Silver wedding refers to 25 years of marriage, many countries are married 25 years as a silver wedding anniversary, but Russia is the exception, they are married for 40 years to be called Silver Wedding. As a child, you should understand how many years of marriage is married, in the parents of the 25 silver wedding anniversary should be sent a good blessing.

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Silver Wedding Blessed language

Silver Wedding Blessing Language: Once felt that love should be vigorous, meet you, feel that love can also long stream, will not disappear, will not leave. Some people say that love to the end, but also only reduced to kinship, by the life of rice oil salt submerged. I would like to say that the reason why love can be converted into kinship, it is because there is love in the heart, if not, how can you endure the other side of the face old, but still moving as before. Sincerely bless you, every day in the future, like a silver wedding as bland but far-reaching.
How to celebrate Silver wedding

How do couples celebrate silver wedding in 25 years? On a silver wedding, you can celebrate with friends and family, and let them witness the little things you’ve been through in 25 years, the sweetness and happiness of life. Can also pass two people of two people in the world, a toast to the past years, a toast to a happy life, can also accompany themselves through the ups and downs of her proposal once, sent a young when not sent a diamond ring, give her a romantic surprise.

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