4 Pearls from the big day to the day

You can wear a wedding dress only once, but the ornaments you choose can be worn for the rest of your life.

Pick pieces that can be easily incorporated into your everyday style— a strategy that makes your cost per wear go way down, and your major moment that much more memorable.

This timeless piece works with almost any neckline and lights up your collarbone with a halo of brilliant diamonds. It’s a can’t-go-wrong necklace style that goes with everything from a simple white collared shirt to a standout party dress.

Choose a “something blue” that’s subtle enough to work well beyond your big day, and your good luck will never run out. We love the classic styling of these drop earrings, and their size makes them perfect for any occasion.

It doesn’t get much prettier than an iconic strand of pearls. They’re a common choice for wedding jewelry since their luminous white nature is the perfect accent to a white- or champagne-colored dress. But don’t think for a second of boxing them up in storage. Pearls are super-cool when layered in multiple strands or with bold silver and gold chains for a modern twist.

We absolutely love this versatile, retro style bracelet. It shows the beauty of freshwater pearls, which can be worn from the office to the Opera House.

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