4 Things You Do Not Guess On Then Ring Shopping

When we first started buying the ring, it was very overwhelming, we fully understood! There was a lot of information and details left to you, and it was confusing to know which details were the most important to pay attention to. My friends, don’t worry, we’re talking about four things that you should be concerned about when you start designing rings for that particular person.

Classic Style Halo Diamond White Gold Ring

1. Center Stone Shape:

Odds are your significant other has considered which diamond shapes she would, or at least would not, be comfortable and happy wearing for the rest of her life. Sometimes there may be a few different shapes, but it helps to narrow it down to the top two and then confidently pick knowing she would be happy with either.

2. Metal Color:

When it comes to metal color, many times it can be based on comfort. Don’t just opt for yellow gold because that’s what your Mom has or rose gold because she wears a rose gold necklace occasionally. Usually white gold is the most popular metal color, but again many women prefer rose or yellow against their skin-tone. If you notice she wears many different gold combinations, something two toned might be a great option!

3. Ring Size:

Although we are able to resize a ring, any resizing more than a size up or down from the original ring size may start to jeopardize the integrity of the setting – especially if there are diamonds on the band. Therefore, it’s very important to know her ring size! A great way to find this out is by:

1.   Asking for help! Her mom, sister, or close friend may know.

2. Be a bit sneaky – does she wear something on her ring finger currently? If so, bring it to Lauren B and test the size!

3. Playfully ask her! It may be uncomfortable, but we promise you won’t regret getting this right!4. Setting Style:

Setting style is also very important! At the bare minimum you should know or do your investigating to determine the following:

4. Setting Style:

Setting style is also very important! At the bare minimum you should know or do your investigating to determine the following:

1. Solitaire band or diamond band

2. Halo or no halo

3. Cathedral band or floating style

Separations Twist Halo Daimond Ring

If she’s a fan of us on social media, follow her. Which styles do she like, share or save? And look at her pinterest – she might have a whole board, basically putting her dream ring on a silver plate.

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