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A new moon, a couple of lovers, walking on a quiet path,

Speak of our joy and share the joy of the day.

Gorgeous Sun & Moon Necklace

Gradually the new moon hangs on the willow tree

And ‘mid the flowers sheds pale beams

As if day broke the twilight dreams.

The crescent would turn round with glee.

To it bow.

Whom should I meet on fragrant pathway now?

It’s like the Moon Goddess’ undulating brow,

Gnawed by her parting sorrow still.

What’s loveliest of all,

A hooklike silver crescent small

Hangs on the pearly curtain of Autumn’s chill.

New Moon Moonstone Necklace

Form age to age it waxes and wanes.

Don’t ask how long!

Though you may whet the axe of jade,

How can you mend the mirror of gold?

The royal garden still remains,

But now so drear. Who’ll sing a song

In praise of marble balustrade?

In native land the night is endless as of old.

I’ll wait until

The moon turns round and peeps into my room.

O see beyond the clouds the hill and rill,

Where even laurel trees grow old and cast a gloom!

Sun Moon Star Moonstone Rose Gold Ring

New moon is a synonym for romantic solitude, so you need advice on new moon jewelry:

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