All About Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is two kinds of minerals with stratified interaction. The two kinds of stratified interaction can scatter the visible light, and the cleavage can produce interference or diffraction in the light. The combined results can produce the moonlight effect.

Concise Solitaire Moonstone Stud Earrings

High-grade moonstones have floating blue light, and a few have cat’s eye effect.

Important producing areas: Sri Lanka, India, myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Australia.China’s Inner Mongolia also has production, among which Sri Lanka produces the most precious.

Moon Embraces Sun Moonstone Necklace
Moonstone Round Pendant With Halo

The surface of moonstone presents different luster and color in different perspectives and light environments.Some color combinations happen to form familiar images, images, scenes, etc., which are natural works of art, which improves the artistic appreciation of moonstone.

Some of the moonstones contain world famous paintings, some contain wonderful rivers and mountains, some contain human artists, some contain small animals and so on.

New Moon Moonstone Necklace

Aiming at the moonlight stone with typical light pictures, wearers or designers should pay attention to the meaning of its patterns and play its inherent meaning value through reasonable collocation.

Make gem, having extremely beautiful expression, it is the gem that you are worth to collect.

Here are some moonstone jewelry from our store:

Call of Love Moonstone Ring
Retro Originality Moonstone Ring
Natural Moonstone & Marquise Diamond Ring
Natural Moonstone Rose Gold Ring

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