How to turn your bachelor party into a wedding party

If you’re not interested in the traditional Crazy GirlS Night, or if you just want to add something special to your bachelor party celebration, there are plenty of ways to turn it into an intimate experience. By hosting a wedding preparation event, you can get your friends involved and relieve some of the stress from the big day.

You might notice that some of these suggestions are best done a day or two before the wedding itself. While it’s always best to avoid having your bachelorette party right before the actual wedding to avoid hangover regret, these ideas can also serve as an accompaniment to the actual bachelorette party. If you’re not planning on having a late night, they are a wholesome substitute, and drinks are always welcome.

Be Florist for a Day

Instead of spending a lot of money on a florist, buy a bunch of flowers in bulk and create your own pieces. You can do the same with other wedding decor. Flower-arranging classes have become very popular lately, but you can also ask your local florists to see if they’re available for hire.

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Dancing Classes

Sure, we all know how to dance, but do we really know how to dance? A lot of people are shy to step on the floor at formal events such as weddings because of the risk of embarrassment. As a soon-to-be newlywed, you may have even considered taking dancing classes yourself.

Flower arranging is not only fun, but also relaxing (have you ever seen a stressed out florist?) and your bridesmaids will be thrilled to see their works of art on display on the big day. If you’re planning your wedding well in advance and have a large backyard (or one that you can rent), consider getting your girls together for a gardening session so you can grow your own flowers as well.

Rent a Salon

If you or your bridesmaids are planning to have your hair or makeup done professionally for the wedding, you’re probably going to book a trial session at a salon. In that case, consider turning your bachelorette party into a primp and pampering session. With a professional hair and makeup artist by your side, each of your friends can experiment with different looks and provide inspiration for one another. Even if you’ll be taking care of hair and makeup yourself, there’s no harm in feeling like a movie star.

No matter the music you plan to play, both ballroom and Latin dancing are a great way of introducing people to the art. However, contact a dance studio near you to see if they will do a mixed lesson—they’re quite common. To ease nerves, go out for a drink beforehand, and feel free to celebrate afterward. Your girls will thank you for this, as it’ll give them an invaluable skill to keep and be a fantastic bonding experience.

Lights, Camera, Action

Photos of the wedding day can take up a lot of time, and you’ll have enough to worry about already. For this reason, some couples are taking their official photos either before or after the actual wedding so they can relax and enjoy the celebration better. You’ll surely want to keep some memories with your bridesmaids, so why not do the same? It’s quite popular for some photographers to host a professional photo shoot experience, complete with lessons on how to pose. Some packages even include a hair and makeup artist.

Group Food Tasting

Depending on your timing, consider taking your bridesmaids for a wine, cake, or appetizer tasting. With your friends beside you to provide input, they can help you choose what to serve at the reception. (Not to mention, you’ll be able to better cater to other guests’ needs.)

Big Bridesmaids Book

For a fun DIY project, have each of your girls pick out a memorable event (or several) from your friendship and design a scrapbook-style page for it. Forget Photoshop—do it the old fashioned way with glue and stickers. Make a night out of it and reminisce about the past times over drinks. Find a printing service beforehand where you can take the final piece to make high-quality copies for everyone. Afterward, you’ll all have something truly special to keep and to share.

It‘s DIY, Not Do-it-for-Me

With some of these ideas, keep in mind that it’s still a bachelorette party. Although you’re having your bridesmaids help with your wedding preparation, a party should never be stressful. So before you prepare a massive DIY day, evaluate whether it’ll actually be fun for all of you.

Cocktails, Cooking, and Cupcakes

This is an excellent suggestion if you’re planning on making some food or drinks yourself, although this is best done the day or two before the wedding. While there’s nothing more bonding than a group cooking session, you don’t want to make this seem like work. Therefore, choose something fun like baking cupcakes or making cocktails. If you don’t want to rely on YouTube, you can always hire a chef or bartender to assist and guide you, which will only add to the experience.

Wedding Prep Party-3.jpg

Or, take your daughter to a cocktail-making masterclass in advance, where you can all know what to offer at your wedding. Since cocktails are often pre-tuned, you can even get together the day before to refresh your memory.

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