About the tourmaline

Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word Turmali, meaning “mixed gem.” The composition of tourmaline is complex and the colors are complex and varied. The international jewelry industry basically divides commercial varieties by color to tourmaline, the more colorful the higher the value. When shopping, pay attention to color, transparency and purity.

Tourmatopoie, also known as the wish stone, has its own weak energy, is a gem that tends to absorb. It is often regarded as the main gem of Nafu exorcism.

The crystal tourmaline tourmaline is a complex three-way column crystal, and the crystal surface appears a parallel growth streak of the feature along the extended direction of the column crystal. On the cross-section, it is a spherical triangle with an arc.


In addition to its colorful colors, the most attractive part of the tourmaline is its versatility. When we hold tourmaline and rotate against the light at different angles, the color and depth of the tourmaline change sits with the angle of view. This is due to the tourmaline has a strong multi-color, which also gives tourmaline a mysterious color. The piezoelectric and thermoelectric effects of tourmaline When tourmaline is heated or applied, or friction with silk or wool, will cause electrode effects at both ends of the column-like tourmaline, positive electricity at one end and negative electricity at the other, which will attract some dust or small confetti, the magic force is the piezoelectric effect of tourmaline and the thermoelectric effect, It is also the origin of the name “Electric Stone”. There was an interesting story: legend has it that in 1703, on a warm summer’s day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, several children were playing with stones brought back by Dutch navigators. Suddenly, a child found the stones near the dust and grass and debris sucked in. The children were so surprised that they asked their parents to look at them and found that the stone could attract or reject light objects such as dust and grass scraps. Since then, the Dutch have called it “greystone” and used to clean up soot from the pipes.

The interior of the tourmaline crystal will contain a wealth of vapor fluid wrap, and often is directional distribution, forming a tubular package, dense tubular wrap experience makes the processing into an arc-shaped or ball-shaped tourmaline appearcat cat-eye effect – in the tourmaline surface appears a clear light belt, and with the different viewing angle, the light belt also changes.

The composition of tourmaline is complex and the colors are complex and varied. The international jewelry industry basically divides commercial varieties by color to tourmaline, the more colorful the higher the value.

Bar Tourmaline 18K Gold Ring

Indicolite: The general name of light blue to dark blue tourmaline. Blue tourmaline, because of its rarity, is now the most valuable color in tourmaline. Blue tourmaline is found in the yellow clay of weathered granite in Siberia, Russia, as well as in Brazil, Madagascar and the United States.

Rubellite: The general name of pink to red tourmaline. Red is tourmaline with fuchsia and rose red best, there is a red tourmaline, in China has the “baby face” called. However, nature to brown, brown, crimson and other output more, color changes. At the same time, the proportion of tourmaline varies with color;

Dravite: Dark in color and rich in the chemical element magnesium. Brown tourmaline is mostly produced in Sri Lanka, three countries in North America, Brazil and Australia. (The English name of the brown electric stone originated in the Drewe region of Austria.) )

Achroite: Colorless tourmaline is rare and produces only a small amount in Madagascar and California, USA. It is important to note that there are some colorless tourmaline on the market that is made after being heated and diluted by pink tourmaline. (The English name of colorless tourmaline is derived from the ancient Greek word “achroos”, which means colorless)

Tourmaline: Green and yellow tourmaline is the most common of all tourmaline color variants, and therefore less valuable than blue and red tourmaline. Green tourmaline is found in Brazil, Tanzania and Namibia, while yellow is found in Sri Lanka.
Multi-color tourmaline: Because the tourmaline belt is very developed, red, green two-color band or tricolor ribbon often appears on a crystal. Common red and green gemstones, commonly known as “watermelon tourmaline”, are popular with collectors and consumers.

Brazil is the world’s best tourmaline quality, Brazil’s tourmaline is mainly concentrated in the state of Minasgrass, where the production of tourmaline colorful, so far has been mined more than two dozen kinds of colors, almost all the colors of tourmaline. Brazil’s red tourmaline and green tourmaline are the best-selling, major mineral resources in Brazil, mostly in the rich local veins of the great crystal. The Brazilian state of Paraiba produces a green-blue-blue electric stone, which is expensive and scarce, and the market is extremely hot because it is named Paraiba tourmaline by paraiba state.
California is also one of the main sources of tourmaline, the United States mined rock veins have been weathered, a large number of long stone into soil, no rock, so the United States tourmaline mining method is mainly digging, than other production areas to mine tourmaline easier.
Russia’s Siberian region, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Myanmar also have tourmaline, but the texture is not as good as Brazil’s tourmaline.

Colorful Tourmaline White Gold Ring

1. Bright rainbow color, can give people happy, comfortable feeling, help to open up the mind and vision, and cure the psychological diseases such as grief has the inevitable auxiliary therapeutic effect.

2. Tourma contains energy, has a calming effect, can make people concentrate. And the changing colors can stimulate ideas and ideas, so that people act in a stable manner, do their best to make the cause prosperous.

3. Tourma is considered to be the top Wangfu stone, this method comes from the Guangdong civilization. In Guangdong, a woman with a good face is thought to be Wangfu’s. As the saying goes, “the heart is born”, tourmaline will make people’s mood turn good, so often wear the person will also become watery luster, very beautiful, with Wangfu phase.

4. Tourma can radiate a very affable magnetic field, can eliminate the diaphragm between people, love and friendship has a natural appeal effect. At the same time, people with the temperament of the leader wear tourmaline, can open up more charm, attract more people gathered.

5. In addition to the above effects, red and green tourmaline, but also has the meaning of amassing wealth. In the meantime, red tourmaline because of color and blood close, therefore, it is believed that red tourmaline also has a health-care effect to promote blood circulation, the treatment of dizziness, anemia has a better effect.

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