How to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes

For any shoe-obsessed woman, choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes is as important as a wedding dress! Either way, your wedding shoes should be your own reflection, perfectly matching what really matters, whether it’s style, comfort or price. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is no exception. This is your wedding after all, and no detail, big or small, should be ignored or compromised.

Here are a few things to consider when looking for the perfect pair of wedding shoes. Let the hunt begin!


The level of comfort of your wedding shoes will depend largely on how they fit. They should not be too small, too tight, or even too big. And since everyone’s feet are different sizes, widths, and shapes, it might take a bit of searching for that perfect pair.

Having your feet properly measured is a good idea, especially when picking out a pair of wedding shoes, but to help give you an idea what to look for in a proper fit, consider a few things first. You want to make sure the shoes don’t pinch any part of your foot, from the sides to your toes and heels. They shouldn’t rub the top, tip, or sides either, as this could cause painful blisters. Make sure you have some wiggle room but not too much or keeping them on will not only be a hassle but could cause cramps. Finally, make sure the arch fits well, too.


Chances are you will be wearing your wedding shoes from early in the morning until very late at night, which is why you should find a pair of wedding shoes that are not only beautiful but comfortable. Don’t worry; the words “beautiful” and “comfortable” can be used in the same sentence to describe wedding shoes! In fact, a good pair of wedding shoes should always be both! But if you’re looking at shoes beyond bridal boutiques, you’ll want to be really honest with yourself: can you imagine wearing them all day and night while standing, dancing, and walking around? If not, you might have to keep looking.


Most women are more concerned with the overall style of their wedding shoes than anything else, but it’s all important! Which is why I saved this until now. The style of shoe you choose should match your dress, the time of year and the overall style of your wedding. It should also match your own individual personally and sense of fashion. If you’re really into bold patterns and colors, choosing a fun, quirky wedding shoe is the perfect way to add some pop to your look. But if you prefer neutral colors and simple designs, feel free to keep your shoes simple, too.


While you can’t always predict the weather, you will obviously know what time of year it’s going to be. In the summer, an elegant sandal or peep-toe would be fantastic, but not so much in the winter. If you’re planning a winter wedding, you’ll want a closed pair of shoes to keep your toes warm.

Wedding Shoes - 4.jpg


There are a lot of different heel heights to choose from, from ballet flats to six-inch heels. The right size for you will depend on what you’re comfortable wearing, what style you prefer, and where you’ll be wearing them (more on this further down though).

Wedding Shoes - 2.jpg

Personally, I can’t walk in heels even if they’re only a couple of inches off the ground, and yet there are women who can easily run in skyscraper shoes (I’m picturing Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw right now). The height that’s right for you will depend on what you’re most comfortable in. If you’re a pro in heels and can spend hours in them, go for it! But if you’re praying you’ll even make it down the aisle without falling, it might be time to be honest with yourself and go for something more practical.

Also consider your dress length when choosing shoe height. If your skirt needs the extra height to keep it off the ground, flats may be out of the running.


Make sure you consider where your wedding will be taking place before purchasing your wedding shoes. For example, if your wedding is on the beach, a six-inch heel isn’t going to go so well. If you know you’ll be walking on grass a lot throughout the day, again, heels can be tricky as they tend to sink into the ground easily. If you’re set on wearing heels and you know you’ll be outside some of the time, you could always bring a pair of flats to change into. Also consider the floor you will be walking on. If it’s hard, it might be slippery and so you should consider a sole that has some grip to it. If it’s carpeted, on the other hand, you won’t have that problem.


Dancing is a big part of any wedding reception, so make sure whatever shoes you choose, you can easily move around. In fact, when trying on wedding shoes, try dancing around in them to see if they feel good and won’t be a problem.


The color you choose will obviously depend on the color of your dress and wedding theme. Do you want them to match or do you want them to stand out? Maybe you want your shoes to be the focal point of your outfit, or perhaps you just want something bold and colorful peeping out from under your hemline. Or maybe you’d rather have white wedding shoes, in which case you should make sure it matches your dress’s shade of white.

Wedding Shoes - 3.jpg


Like all things in life, the cost of anything depends on what you can afford and what fits your budget and your lifestyle. In this case, it also depends on how important your wedding shoes are to you. Some women see their wedding as the perfect occasion to splurge on something a little more than what they normally would, while others just need something to wear on their feet. Just be honest with yourself about what you can afford and what the cost means. Often price does reflect the quality, but sometimes it doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to check the sale section, sites like eBay, and other online stores.


Some women want home school shoes can wear and time long long after the sound of wedding bells have been faded. Others know’ll only be wearing them once, and plan to them along along with their dress. What one are you?   Because if you want shoes you can wear more than once, that might ed ed you you sit to buy something and more and more Practical.

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