How to make the diamond on your engagement ring look bigger

Couples can spend a lot of money on engagement rings. Although the size of a diamond doesn’t mean  everything, it means a lot to some people. If you fall into this category, but you think you and your other half can’t afford expensive jewelry now, you still have some choice. There are many ways to make your engagement ring look bigger than it really is! Although it may seem a bit ghostly, who cares? As long as you love your diamond engagement ring, it doesn’t matter. There are a few factors to keep in mind when you start shopping for a perfect, big-looking engagement ring!

Choose a Bright and Shiny Metal to Reflect Light Around the Stone

There are many band materials to choose from, but bright bands are best if you want to exaggerate the size of your diamond. In fact, the shinier, the better! Bright bands will help to reflect additional light around your stone, giving the illusion of additional size.

While there are several shiny band options available, 18 karat white gold and platinum are likely best. Between the two, however, the white gold wins. This material is extremely bright and will draw more attention to your diamond. Additionally, white gold is less expensive. This means you can spend more money on a larger stone.

Forget Round Cuts (Try Oval Instead for a Similar Look!)

Round diamonds are by far the most popular, but they actually cost more money. This difference in price is due in great part to demand and the fact that they’re more difficult to cut. Round cuts also result in more waste than other shapes.

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None of this may seem that surprising, but there’s one thing that’s likely to shock you. Round diamonds are usually smaller than other cuts in both carat weight and physical size! When comparing a round and oval diamond at the same price point, for example, you’ll likely find the oval cut is larger. Keeping this trend in mind can help you get more size for your buck!

Try a Thin Band Instead of a Thick Band to Highlight the Diamond

Band thickness also impacts how big your diamond ultimately looks. Chunky bands tend to make diamonds of all shapes look smaller, while thin bands actually exaggerate diamond size. Of course this is all relative, but it’s absolutely something to keep in mind if you want to make your stone look bigger than it actually is.

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As an extra bonus, picking a thinner band may also decrease the overall cost of your ring. You can either pay less overall, or apply the difference to the diamond itself and purchase a slightly larger stone. Don’t forget to keep comfort in mind, however. Some people prefer wider bands because they feel more natural on the finger. Spend time trying on the various options before making a decision based solely on physical appearance.

Choose Thin Prongs to Show More Surface Area of the Diamond

The prongs on a ring keep the stone in place. These can be thick or thin, depending on the design of the ring. If you want your diamond to appear larger, opt for thinner prongs, as they draw less attention. Thicker prongs will often look too bulky, especially if you choose a petite band.

To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck, Know that Retailers Aren’t All the Same

Before making any big purchase, it’s important to do your research. This is just as true for diamond engagement rings as it is for anything else. The unfortunate truth is that many jewelry retailers price gouge. Some companies have a lot of money to pour into advertising and therefore quickly become the go-to source for certain products. This is particularly true for some big, well-known brands. Shopping with these engagement ring retailers first may mean you pay more for a smaller diamond.

You may also want to consider a ring design with fewer prongs. While many rings have six prongs, it’s possible to find ones with only four. Taking this route will mean less of the diamond is covered, which places more focus on the stone and allows additional shine. Both of these factors will enhance the diamond’s appearance and make it look larger.

Keep Your Engagement Ring Clean so it Sparkles and Shines

It’s important to keep the band and stone as clean as possible. Not only will this improve the overall appearance of your ring, but it will make your stone look bigger. Again, shine and sparkle place more focus on your diamond, which will inherently make it appear larger than it actually is.

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While many jewelry shops will be happy to clean your diamond engagement ring regularly, you’ll save a lot of money if you purchase your own cleaner and polishing cloths. It’s recommended that you give your ring a gentle cleaning bi-weekly.

Don’t think that the price is the best just because the jeweler is popular. Before making a final decision, shop first and go. Carefully compare all factors, including carats, cutting quality, physical size and cost. That is, beware of deals that are incredibly good;

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