Do you want an engagement ring for Moisan?

Engagement rings may appear in your head, and if you’re trying to decide whether to choose a diamond ring or moise diamond ring, there are some things you should know. When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds are the first choice. Today’s couples, however, are opting for more affordable and environmentally friendly alternative stone. Moisan stone is becoming more and more popular and is now worn on engagement rings around the world. To be honest, diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but in reality, women are interested in the sharpness and luster of moise’s central stone. If moissanite is a stone that can replace diamonds as an engagement ring, will people continue to buy diamonds?

Here are a few details on moissanite rings.

History of Moissanite

Most people don’t know much about moissanite and its history. In fact, many ring shoppers think it’s a newly discovered stone. A chemist and Noble Prize winner named Henri Moissan, discovered the moissanite stone in 1893 in a meteor crater in Arizona. It wasn’t until the mid-1990s that companies and scientists began to take more of an interest in the creation of this gem for jewelry design. This newish, diamond-like stone is created from microscopic particles and is strictly produced in laboratories with the help of highly specialized chemists and laboratory equipment. The stones are made from a process of thermal decomposition in a high-temperature manufacturing process.

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The moissanite stone was initially created to give the appearance of having similar qualities to those of a diamond, however, they are distinctly different when examined closely. In order to create these diamond-like stones, lots of technology and energy is required for their production. Scientists spend hours working to create the perfect moissanite stone. Typically, moissanite stones cost 30-50 percent less than an average diamond ring.

Moissanite Versus Diamonds

Whether it’s a diamond or a moissanite gem you choose for your ring, you will have an emotional attachment to it as it becomes an everyday piece of jewelry. Moissanite rings are far more economical and environmentally responsible. There is no mining behind the creation of moissanite stones in contrast to diamonds. Some people argue that moissanite stones have a more rainbow-like prism effect and shine brighter when showcased in the sunlight when compared to diamonds. Real diamonds can have inclusions or a more cloudy appearance from their natural origin.

Both of these stones are durable and can be worn every day. Moissanite stones are more affordable than diamonds and have the same desired effect when purchased as an engagement ring stone. The durability of both stones is almost equal. However, if price is your biggest concern, diamonds can be more than three times as costly as moissanite. In the long run, either type of ring has the same symbolization of marriage and commitment, but moissanite is the most affordable.

Moissanite Engagement Ring 4.jpg

Moissanite engagement rings are crafted to perfection and deserve more attention than they receive in many engagement ring stores. These rings can typically last decades and will never lose the fire and beauty of the moissanite stone. Symbolically, this is what a couple wants in an engagement ring—a ring that represents their love forever.

Moissanite is more flexible in working with jewelry design concepts. Diamonds are a bit more difficult to accommodate other shapes and cuts, given the fact that they are usually mined in a basic round shape. Different shapes and styles of moissanite stones can found in different countries. Since moissanite stones are chemically and scientifically created, they can take on any shape that is desired. Moissanite rings can be purchased in almost any jewelry store that offers a wide selection of wedding and engagement rings.

Care and Maintenance of Moissanite Rings

Just like any other gemstone or diamond piece of jewelry, moissanite rings must be cared for with regular cleaning and maintenance. Although they are durable, maintaining a good care routine is always recommended. Moissanite rings are designed to be scratch-resistant and can even withstand a temperature of up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. The structural density of this gem is unbelievable, but keeping it in a secured jewelry box is always a good idea to avoid damage from chemicals and dust.

Moissanite Engagement Ring 3.jpg

Every few months or so, bacteria and small particles will accumulate on your moissanite ring. There are some specific methods to keep your ring clean without damaging the stone. Use a toothbrush and some light dish soap to gently scrub your gem and keep it looking shiny and beautiful. This routine should be followed every few months, especially when small particles can be seen on the surface of the stone. Usually, these particles and bacteria come from washing dishes, cleaning tasks, or even touching your hair. Maintaining a good cleaning routine for your moissanite ring will help it last much longer and keep it looking new.

In general, the reason for buying an engagement ring is the same – a love that two people want to get married. If buying a moissanite ring is more economical and environmentally friendly, then more couples may choose moissanite ring for the reason. Few couples will choose to buy a diamond ring after seeing the beautiful Moisan diamond ring, but this is the choice of each couple’s own.

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