The Secrets of Georgian Jewelry

Accessories can add a different glow to any garment. That’s why women love collecting them from the start. Jewelry lovers, with the financial resources and the financial resources, spend most of their time pursuing beautiful and rare jewelry. We ordinary people like simple jewelry, but we also know how to appreciate the more exotic exotic items. Georgian jewelry is one of the rarest jewelryever ever recorded. So, what is Georgian jewelry and what does it mean to have some jewelry?

What Is Georgian Jewelry?

Georgian jewelry came from the Georgian period, between the years 1714 until 1830. This was the period in Europe where it was ruled by kings named George I, George II, George III, and George IV in a consecutive manner. Jewelry created during this era has become very rare these days due to the fact that most pieces have been torn apart in order for the parts to be used and fitted with new pieces of jewelry. Back in the day, Georgian jewelry used raw minerals such as gold, silver and diamonds. These minerals were also considered very expensive, making it a good economical source of materials. The very few pieces that have managed to survive up to this date showed very thorough and amazing craftsmanship.

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What Makes Them Stand Out?

Now, Georgian jewelry has become so rare, that the only available pieces are from the later years of that era. The most common motif used are floral designs and scroll patterns with stones of garnets, topaz and diamonds set in silver. Back in the 18th Century, diamonds were placed in a closed setting made of silver and to prevent discoloration. The insides of the pieces were made in gold.

One important thing to note is that back then, there were limited types of stone cuts available for gems such as diamonds. The most common cuts used were rose-cuts and table cuts, most of which are lined with a reflecting foil at the back.   This foil added beauty and addition shine to the gems. This particular effect stood out mostly under the candlelight.

During the Georgian era, gold used for jewelry was 18 karats or higher. This is why most of these Georgian jewelry pieces had that beautiful luster.

Now, what makes Georgian jewelry a cut above the rest is not just the materials. It’s because of the artists and goldsmiths who made these pieces.

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These craftsman were highly trained and skillful artisans, using care and skill. They handcraft every piece and ensure that everything is exactly in order. By the time the rolling mill was invented, this helped the industry reduce time and effort on manually hammering the gold into the desired width and thickness.

History In The Palm Of Your Hands

So much history revolves around Georgian jewelry. It greatly influenced the art scene during the Baroque period, Neoclassicism, the Renaissance and the Victorian period.

Every shift in the period of society, the jewelry managed to change and evolve in style as well. From symmetrical to asymmetrical pieces, from tassels to micro-mosaics, the Georgian style of jewelry has managed to witness and influence the most important period in the history of art. If you’re one of the lucky ones to own a Georgian-era jewelry piece, hold on tight and never let go. You’re holding a centuries’ worth of history in your hands.

Now back to reality. To buy our large number of high-end fashion jewelry, this is only a fraction of the price of Georgian jewelry.

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