5 New Year’s Eve Manifesto Earrings

This is the last few weeks of the year, what better way to greet the New Year than to dress up beautifully on New Year’s Eve? Don’t know what accessories to wear with? Read on to find the best earrings to wear on New Year’s Eve.

Who can say no to a feather earrings? A fabulous statement piece that you can wear to amp up a simple outfit. Wear it with a simple New Year’s Eve dress and let the earrings do the talking. It has beautiful hand made gold plated small feather shaped dangling pieces, a rainbow moonstone and gold earring hooks – HOW CUTE IS THIS EARRING REALLY?

Concise Style Leaf Drop Earrings

We are sure that these beautiful rose gold earrings are made for special occasions! This New Year’s Eve, go ahead and wear this Jenny Bird Watson Rose Gold Earrings with your equally fabulous New Year’s Eve Dress. This will look stunning with your LBD, darling! It’s subtle yet adds a chic factor to any outfit. These beautiful rose gold earrings are actually named after one of our favorite style muse: Emma Watson.   Wear this and you’ll definitely look like a trend setter just like her.

Three-Colour Gaskets Long Style Drop Earrings

So if you’re planning to spend the New Year’s Eve in a more formal way – a fancy dinner party or something like that – then this is the perfect New Year’s Eve accessory for you. The Kate Statement Earrings from the Courtney Lee Collection is the perfect earrings to wear with your dressy long gown. The Swarovski’s sparkle and shine is all out glam – what better occasion than the New Year’s Eve to wear this beauty, right?

Vintage Pattern Tassel Earrings

Simple yet edgy. The Gorjana Cameron Ear Climbers is perfect for girls who want to look stylishly edgy this New Year’s Eve. The Gorjana Cameron Ear Climbers are so versatile they can be worn with your stylish sparkly New Year’s Eve dress or if you are feeling casual – with your leather jeans and white shirt combo!

Sector Red Beads Tassel Earrings

Wonderful earrings designed by jewerly designer Lena Bernard, this mixed metal and fringe earring set is another fabulous accessory that you should consider wearing on New Year’s Eve. They are dressy enough to wear even with the simplest dress you have in your closet! Keep everything else simple when wearing these gorgeous earrings to make them stand out more! By the way, these stunning earrings were handmade in Bali! Yes.

Two-Tone Sequin Petals Earrings - Cream

Whether your style is boho or avant-garde, you’ll definitely find the perfect pair of earrings on New Year’s Eve!

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