How to choose the perfect pair of wedding shoes

For any shoe-obsessed woman, choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes is as important as a wedding dress! Either way, your wedding shoes should be your own reflection, perfectly matching what really matters, whether it’s style, comfort or price. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and finding the perfect pair of wedding shoes is […]

Take care of gems and minerals

Helps you maintain the natural luster of jewelry and prevent your gems and minerals from scratching, warping, discoloring, or breaking these quick and easy-to-remember tips. This great infographic was provided by our favorite jewelry designer, Chan Luu. Pearls Pearls are special stones that are very sensitive to acids and too much humidity. Bleaches, powdered cleansers, […]

Everyone must get gems: Tucson Gem Stakes Tour

You won’t really know the scale of the gem and mineral exhibition (TGMS) until you visit Tucson. Even for an experienced participant, this can be overwhelming. Founded in the 1970s, TGMS is the world’s largest, oldest and most prestigious exhibition of gemstones and minerals. Thousands of people took part in the exhibition. The meeting was […]

About the tourmaline

Tourmaline is derived from the ancient Sinhalese word Turmali, meaning “mixed gem.” The composition of tourmaline is complex and the colors are complex and varied. The international jewelry industry basically divides commercial varieties by color to tourmaline, the more colorful the higher the value. When shopping, pay attention to color, transparency and purity. Tourmatopoie, also […]