What is the best diamond cut for sparkle?

A dazzling diamond is a lighthouse, which is favored by many ladies who love beauty… Who hasn’t been charmed by the sparkle of a magnificent diamond? With the numerous diamond cuts on the market, you might have asked yourself, “What is the best diamond cut for sparkle?”.   Whether you are shopping for your perfect […]

How much is my blue diamond worth?

Blue diamonds have always been a popular and highly anticipated color for the author and my favorite color of diamonds. Because of their rarity, blue diamonds can be incredibly valuable. Over the past few decades, as the demand for blue diamonds has grown, their worth has steadily increased. The ultimate value of your blue diamond […]

What is the most expensive color of a diamond?

It’s no secret that diamonds are expensive, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive color of a diamond is?The answer depends on whether we are talking about white diamonds or color diamonds.White diamonds are colorless in nature, while fancy diamonds exist in a variety of colors, such as blue, red, pink, orange or […]

Platinum Diamond Ring It’s the right amount of money to buy.

Platinum is a naturally formed white precious metal, with pure, rare and timeless characteristics, Tiny has “love metal” said. Also because of this, now many newcomers will choose to use platinum diamond rings to witness each other’s love when they get married. So, how much is the right platinum diamond ring to buy? Let’s take […]

Platinum diamond ring and 18k gold diamond ring, which is better?

Platinum diamond rings and 18k gold diamond rings are the more popular love witnesses in the two years, we will certainly be entangled in the process of buying diamond rings between the two diamond rings. So a lot of people are particularly wondering, which of these two types of diamond rings is better? Today’s small […]

How to choose diamond rings, diamond ring Selection Tips Summary

In addition to the selection of diamond rings to pay attention to 4C quality and withdrawal materials, but also need to look at the style, as well as the brand and other aspects, the selection of diamond rings summarized as follows: Diamond 4C Quality: 4 C is an important factor affecting the price and quality […]