How to make vintage accessories for modern brides

Every bride knows what you need at the wedding: some old, some new, some borrowed, some blue. Vintage jewelry and accessories are a popular choice when looking for the perfect “old thing”. Whether you’re wearing heirlooms or cute items found in an antique shop, vintage accessories are a great way to make you look tasteful.

Vintage Texture Marquise Diamond Ring

However, wearing antique or vintage accessories doesn’t always mean wearing them in old-fashioned ways. With the right styling, you can give any vintage look a modern upgrade! Here are a few tips that can help you transform your vintage accessories into a very modern look.

Vintage Vine Green Opal Ring

Carry a Classic Clutch

Most brides don’t carry a purse or clutch on their wedding day; their hands are pretty busy carrying the bouquet. However, a cute vintage clutch or handbag can be a great accessory during the reception! It adds some classic flair to your look, and it allows you to keep all the essentials nearby, in case you need to touch up your lipstick or snap a quick selfie with your spouse.

Vintage Vine and Owl Green Opal Necklace

A cute beaded clutch in classic white (or one of your wedding colors) isn’t just a great wedding-day accessory. If you find the right purse early on, you can use it for all your pre-wedding events, from the bridal shower to the bachelorette party! Carrying the same bag to all your events is a fun way to connect it to all your wedding-planning memories. You’ll look fondly on this bag for years to come—and maybe even pass it on to your kids one day!

Dress up Your Hairstyle

Another great way to sport vintage accessories is in your hair. Again, this style doesn’t distract from your dress (in fact, it doesn’t involve your dress at all) but it does give your overall look some extra dimension. If you have a vintage hair accessory like a jeweled comb or clip, ask your stylist to give you a look that lets the accessory be the star. Chignons, French twists, and even ballerina-style buns can be perfect looks for vintage hair clips.


Yet another way to use vintage accessories in your hair is with a vintage veil. If you have a vintage veil in your family (maybe your mother’s or grandmother’s), give a quick look to see if you can wear it, too! Obviously, some veils might not be your style, but there’s always a chance that you’ll find something special.

Wear Jewelry in New Ways

Vintage jewelry is one of the easiest accessories to wear on your big day. Jewelry trends don’t vary as wildly as other fashion (could you imagine wearing a puffy-sleeved dress from the 80s today?), which means that your grandma’s pearls will looks just as timeless and lovely on you as they did on her wedding years ago. But if you want to modernize your look, consider switching up how your wear your jewelry.


Wrap a long string of vintage pearls around your wrist for a stunning stacked bracelet. Wear a long necklace around your waist for a unique belt or sash. If your dress has a high neck and low back, consider wearing a necklace or two backwards, to give the back of your gown a little extra bling. These styles incorporate your vintage accessories nicely, but won’t distract from your modern wedding dress.

Wrap up in Vintage Style

When you’re shopping for a wedding dress, many thoughts go through your mind. Is this my dream dress? Does it suit my venue and theme? Will my partner like the dress? Is it the right shade for my skin tone? Despite the countless thoughts and emotions you experience in the bridal boutique, I’m willing to bet that one thought woefully skips many a mind: what happens if it gets cold?


Even summer weddings can be chilly by nightfall, which is why I believe brides should bring along a sweater or shawl to wear in the evening (particularly if they’re having an outdoor wedding). Luckily, this is another opportunity to bring vintage accessories into the mix, as there are many lovely wraps, shawls, or even fur stoles you can wear with your gown. These accessories may not make an appearance until the end of the evening, but they are great for keeping you both warm and stylish!

Vintage Flower Rhinestone Earrings

As you can see, it’s easy (and fun) to combine modern styles with vintage accessories! So go out and flip through your mom and grandma’s wardrobe and pick some vintage clothes for your wedding! But remember: if you want to incorporate the retro style into your wedding dress, be sure to try it on everything. Make the whole wedding dress look beautiful. You have to make sure that all the elements are matched together, and the final style will make you feel beautiful.

How to turn your bachelor party into a wedding party

If you’re not interested in the traditional Crazy GirlS Night, or if you just want to add something special to your bachelor party celebration, there are plenty of ways to turn it into an intimate experience. By hosting a wedding preparation event, you can get your friends involved and relieve some of the stress from the big day.

You might notice that some of these suggestions are best done a day or two before the wedding itself. While it’s always best to avoid having your bachelorette party right before the actual wedding to avoid hangover regret, these ideas can also serve as an accompaniment to the actual bachelorette party. If you’re not planning on having a late night, they are a wholesome substitute, and drinks are always welcome.

Be Florist for a Day

Instead of spending a lot of money on a florist, buy a bunch of flowers in bulk and create your own pieces. You can do the same with other wedding decor. Flower-arranging classes have become very popular lately, but you can also ask your local florists to see if they’re available for hire.

Wedding Prep Party-2.jpg

Dancing Classes

Sure, we all know how to dance, but do we really know how to dance? A lot of people are shy to step on the floor at formal events such as weddings because of the risk of embarrassment. As a soon-to-be newlywed, you may have even considered taking dancing classes yourself.

Flower arranging is not only fun, but also relaxing (have you ever seen a stressed out florist?) and your bridesmaids will be thrilled to see their works of art on display on the big day. If you’re planning your wedding well in advance and have a large backyard (or one that you can rent), consider getting your girls together for a gardening session so you can grow your own flowers as well.

Rent a Salon

If you or your bridesmaids are planning to have your hair or makeup done professionally for the wedding, you’re probably going to book a trial session at a salon. In that case, consider turning your bachelorette party into a primp and pampering session. With a professional hair and makeup artist by your side, each of your friends can experiment with different looks and provide inspiration for one another. Even if you’ll be taking care of hair and makeup yourself, there’s no harm in feeling like a movie star.

No matter the music you plan to play, both ballroom and Latin dancing are a great way of introducing people to the art. However, contact a dance studio near you to see if they will do a mixed lesson—they’re quite common. To ease nerves, go out for a drink beforehand, and feel free to celebrate afterward. Your girls will thank you for this, as it’ll give them an invaluable skill to keep and be a fantastic bonding experience.

Lights, Camera, Action

Photos of the wedding day can take up a lot of time, and you’ll have enough to worry about already. For this reason, some couples are taking their official photos either before or after the actual wedding so they can relax and enjoy the celebration better. You’ll surely want to keep some memories with your bridesmaids, so why not do the same? It’s quite popular for some photographers to host a professional photo shoot experience, complete with lessons on how to pose. Some packages even include a hair and makeup artist.

Group Food Tasting

Depending on your timing, consider taking your bridesmaids for a wine, cake, or appetizer tasting. With your friends beside you to provide input, they can help you choose what to serve at the reception. (Not to mention, you’ll be able to better cater to other guests’ needs.)

Big Bridesmaids Book

For a fun DIY project, have each of your girls pick out a memorable event (or several) from your friendship and design a scrapbook-style page for it. Forget Photoshop—do it the old fashioned way with glue and stickers. Make a night out of it and reminisce about the past times over drinks. Find a printing service beforehand where you can take the final piece to make high-quality copies for everyone. Afterward, you’ll all have something truly special to keep and to share.

It‘s DIY, Not Do-it-for-Me

With some of these ideas, keep in mind that it’s still a bachelorette party. Although you’re having your bridesmaids help with your wedding preparation, a party should never be stressful. So before you prepare a massive DIY day, evaluate whether it’ll actually be fun for all of you.

Cocktails, Cooking, and Cupcakes

This is an excellent suggestion if you’re planning on making some food or drinks yourself, although this is best done the day or two before the wedding. While there’s nothing more bonding than a group cooking session, you don’t want to make this seem like work. Therefore, choose something fun like baking cupcakes or making cocktails. If you don’t want to rely on YouTube, you can always hire a chef or bartender to assist and guide you, which will only add to the experience.

Wedding Prep Party-3.jpg

Or, take your daughter to a cocktail-making masterclass in advance, where you can all know what to offer at your wedding. Since cocktails are often pre-tuned, you can even get together the day before to refresh your memory.

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Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_01.png

We talked a lot about royal wedding tiaras at the palace jewelry store, but today we’re going to take some time to introduce an unsung hero at a royal wedding: wedding earrings!

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_02.png

When Maxima Zorreguieta Cerruti married the Prince of Orange in Amsterdam in February 2002, she wore classic earrings with a diamond drop and pendant. The earrings were a quieter counterpart to the star-spangled sparkler, the Dutch Star Tiara, that she chose to secure her bridal veil!

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_03.png

Princess Martha Louise of Norway coordinated her wedding earrings and her tiara carefully for her nuptials in Trondheim in May 2002. With the small setting of (the replica of) Queen Maud’s Pearl Tiara, she wore a pair of delicate diamond earrings with round pearl drops.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_04.png

For her wedding to Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark in Copenhagen in May 2004, Mary Donaldson let her earrings take center stage. As her diamond wedding tiara faded into the background of the heirloom Connaught veil, the diamond and pearl drop statement earrings she chose became one of the most eye-catching parts of her entire bridal ensemble.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_05.png

Even before she became Queen of Spain, Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano preferred streamlined, modern jewels. For her wedding to the Prince of Asturias in May 2004, Letizia wore a gorgeous pair of classic diamond earrings with the Prussian Tiara. The earrings have remained a staple of her jewelry wardrobe to this day.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_06.png

The Middleton family’s coat of arms features oak leaves and acorns, and their daughter, Catherine, echoed those motifs in the earrings she wore when she married the Duke of Cambridge in London in April 2011. The stud portion of the earrings features an oak leaf design that also neatly echoes the scrolls of her wedding diadem, the Cartier Halo Tiara. The earrings also include a teeny acorn drop.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_07.png

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg has lent one of her own wedding presents — the diamond earrings she received from her parents — to two of her daughters-in-law for their royal weddings. Countess Stephanie de Lannoy wore the earrings with the Lannoy Tiara in October 2012 to marry Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume in Luxembourg, while Claire Lademacher donned them with the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara in September 2013 for her wedding to Prince Felix in France. (Maria Teresa also wore them with the Congo Diamond Necklace Tiara when she married Grand Duke Henri in Luxembourg in February 1981!)

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_08.png

One of the most spectacular royal wedding earring moments came in June 2013, when Princess Madeleine of Sweden delved into the depths of the family’s historic jewelry vaults and brought out the Vasa Earrings for her wedding. The eighteenth-century earrings originally belonged to Queen Louise Ulrika of Sweden, wife of King Adolf Frederik. They paired beautifully with the Modern Fringe Tiara, which was festooned with orange blossoms for the occasion.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_09.png

A more modern pair of earrings accompanied Elisabetta Rosboch von Wolkenstein down the aisle when she married Prince Amedeo of Belgium in Rome in July 2014. The geometric diamond and pearl drop earrings were the perfect accessory to go with Queen Elisabeth’s Art Deco Bandeau, which was loaned to the bride by the groom’s grandmother, Queen Paola.

Gorgeous Royal Wedding Earrings_10.png

Most recently, we all marveled at the Cartier diamond earrings worn by Meghan Markle as she married the Duke of Sussex in Windor in May 2018. Minimalist enough to fit with the bride’s personal jewelry aesthetic, but blingy enough to please a royal jewelry lover, the earrings were a lovely addition to Meghan’s bridal ensemble. They were also a lovely counterpart to her heirloom wedding tiara, Queen Mary’s Diamond Bandeau!

These are just a few of the glamorous earrings worn at royal weddings. What’s your favorite royal wedding earring?

All About Moonstone Jewelry

Moonstone is two kinds of minerals with stratified interaction. The two kinds of stratified interaction can scatter the visible light, and the cleavage can produce interference or diffraction in the light. The combined results can produce the moonlight effect.

Concise Solitaire Moonstone Stud Earrings

High-grade moonstones have floating blue light, and a few have cat’s eye effect.

Important producing areas: Sri Lanka, India, myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Australia.China’s Inner Mongolia also has production, among which Sri Lanka produces the most precious.

Moon Embraces Sun Moonstone Necklace
Moonstone Round Pendant With Halo

The surface of moonstone presents different luster and color in different perspectives and light environments.Some color combinations happen to form familiar images, images, scenes, etc., which are natural works of art, which improves the artistic appreciation of moonstone.

Some of the moonstones contain world famous paintings, some contain wonderful rivers and mountains, some contain human artists, some contain small animals and so on.

New Moon Moonstone Necklace

Aiming at the moonlight stone with typical light pictures, wearers or designers should pay attention to the meaning of its patterns and play its inherent meaning value through reasonable collocation.

Make gem, having extremely beautiful expression, it is the gem that you are worth to collect.

Here are some moonstone jewelry from our store:

Call of Love Moonstone Ring
Retro Originality Moonstone Ring
Natural Moonstone & Marquise Diamond Ring
Natural Moonstone Rose Gold Ring

New Moon Jewelry at

A new moon, a couple of lovers, walking on a quiet path,

Speak of our joy and share the joy of the day.

Gorgeous Sun & Moon Necklace

Gradually the new moon hangs on the willow tree

And ‘mid the flowers sheds pale beams

As if day broke the twilight dreams.

The crescent would turn round with glee.

To it bow.

Whom should I meet on fragrant pathway now?

It’s like the Moon Goddess’ undulating brow,

Gnawed by her parting sorrow still.

What’s loveliest of all,

A hooklike silver crescent small

Hangs on the pearly curtain of Autumn’s chill.

New Moon Moonstone Necklace

Form age to age it waxes and wanes.

Don’t ask how long!

Though you may whet the axe of jade,

How can you mend the mirror of gold?

The royal garden still remains,

But now so drear. Who’ll sing a song

In praise of marble balustrade?

In native land the night is endless as of old.

I’ll wait until

The moon turns round and peeps into my room.

O see beyond the clouds the hill and rill,

Where even laurel trees grow old and cast a gloom!

Sun Moon Star Moonstone Rose Gold Ring

New moon is a synonym for romantic solitude, so you need advice on new moon jewelry:

Crescent & Stars Rose Gold Necklace
Moon & Star Rose Gold Drop Earrings

5 Gifts For Youself

Is it just us, or are you the only ones who should be shopping for others, and you see all the lovely things you want in life?

… Yes, so do we!

At, we may say something hard to say to ourselves, but hey, when you see something good, why give up?

Especially during the holidays. When all the extra tasks are added to your daily to-do list, it’s important to give yourself a little extra TLC.

Here are five favorites of fans we know you’ll love.

So go ahead, girlfriend!

1.Dewdrop Silver Circle Pendant Necklace

No Stone, Simple low-key, do not lose gorgeous. This necklace is perfect for layering with your other go-to pieces.

Dewdrop Silver Circle Pendant Necklace

2.Double Cross Ring

This should be perfect design, I think so, simple and generous, beautiful.This is a nice present.

The adjustable design of the opening is suitable for each finger, which is a different feeling every day.

Double Cross White Gold Ring

3.Moon & Star Rose Gold Drop Earrings

The stars on one side, the moon on the other, the whole world is yours.

No matter how happy is the most important, wear this pair of earrings to go out, the mood must be very beautiful!

Moon & Star Rose Gold Drop Earrings

4.Teardrop Two-Tone Necklace

Classic modeling, cut out design, endowed with a new concept.

Two-Tone charm, a new look, today you are the most outstanding.

Cut Out Teardrop Two-Tone Necklace

5. Stacking Rings

We’ve taken the guess work out of getting the perfect stack and put together some of our best sellers:

Gear Three-Colour Diamond Ring Set
Fashion Classic Halo Wedding Ring Set  1/2ct

Why the Diamond District is suitable for all diamonds

One of the world’s most famous diamond jewelry and engagement ring sources is the Diamond District of New York City. Located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from Rockefeller Center, it has been one of the world’s leading diamond centers of excellence since the early 20th century. If you are looking for jewelry or an engagement ring, coming to the Diamond District will give you a range of options that will give you the ability to choose high-quality diamonds to meet the needs of shopping home. This article will tell you more about why the Diamond District is a place to go to brilliant, high quality diamonds.


A Brief History

The Diamond District was established in the 20th century, and grew in importance during WWII when diamond artisans fled the Nazi invasion of Europe. Since then, the current location on West 47th Street has become one of the world’s centers for diamonds. It’s estimated that around 90% of the United States’ diamonds enter through New York and this particular area. Along with London, Mumbai, and Antwerp, New York’s Diamond District is one of the global diamond centers.

Location and Access

Because we’re located at the entrance of the diamond district, we have a great situation in relation to the other landmarks in the district. There are many aspects of diamonds that make them valuable. Getting diamonds from their natural, rough form to the cut, polished finished product requires knowledge and experience in the business. In order to provide our customers with great choices, we need to have products that are world class. When you come to the Diamond District, you can be sure that you will be exposed to the best range of options for the diamond jewelry that you’re purchasing.

Finding Quality Diamonds

One of the most important ways that you should be comparing diamonds is in their cuts. Diamond cutting is an art that maximizes the symmetry of the diamond’s facets in order to increase the brilliance of the diamond and jewelry in total. We recommend the brilliant cut, a special cut that is showcased in the Diamond District for its way of showing off the spectacular quality of diamonds to reflect light.

In addition, in the Diamond District store you can find a wide variety of colors and a range of clarity. Whether you are looking for a traditional white diamond or some are yellow or pink, we have a range of options to match the different band settings and metals. No matter what type of jewelry you want to buy, coming to the Diamond District ensures you shop at the World Diamond Center.

Despite this, the number of our products is the largest in the world, from raw materials to finished packaging, we are all advanced, the most amazing is in our jewelry store, you only need low prices to get your favorite jewelry!

4 Things You Do Not Guess On Then Ring Shopping

When we first started buying the ring, it was very overwhelming, we fully understood! There was a lot of information and details left to you, and it was confusing to know which details were the most important to pay attention to. My friends, don’t worry, we’re talking about four things that you should be concerned about when you start designing rings for that particular person.

Classic Style Halo Diamond White Gold Ring

1. Center Stone Shape:

Odds are your significant other has considered which diamond shapes she would, or at least would not, be comfortable and happy wearing for the rest of her life. Sometimes there may be a few different shapes, but it helps to narrow it down to the top two and then confidently pick knowing she would be happy with either.

2. Metal Color:

When it comes to metal color, many times it can be based on comfort. Don’t just opt for yellow gold because that’s what your Mom has or rose gold because she wears a rose gold necklace occasionally. Usually white gold is the most popular metal color, but again many women prefer rose or yellow against their skin-tone. If you notice she wears many different gold combinations, something two toned might be a great option!

3. Ring Size:

Although we are able to resize a ring, any resizing more than a size up or down from the original ring size may start to jeopardize the integrity of the setting – especially if there are diamonds on the band. Therefore, it’s very important to know her ring size! A great way to find this out is by:

1.   Asking for help! Her mom, sister, or close friend may know.

2. Be a bit sneaky – does she wear something on her ring finger currently? If so, bring it to Lauren B and test the size!

3. Playfully ask her! It may be uncomfortable, but we promise you won’t regret getting this right!4. Setting Style:

Setting style is also very important! At the bare minimum you should know or do your investigating to determine the following:

4. Setting Style:

Setting style is also very important! At the bare minimum you should know or do your investigating to determine the following:

1. Solitaire band or diamond band

2. Halo or no halo

3. Cathedral band or floating style

Separations Twist Halo Daimond Ring

If she’s a fan of us on social media, follow her. Which styles do she like, share or save? And look at her pinterest – she might have a whole board, basically putting her dream ring on a silver plate.

Incredible Fine Jewelry

Call all the trends! For those with a taste for the better things in life, there are some new trends in fine jewelry. It’s time to update your glittering gems and make sure you’re positioned as a fab and fantasy fashionista!

Rock the Rainbow

Jewelry with colored diamonds and stones are all the rage right now! Pink diamonds, black diamonds, grey, blue, yellow! Wearing colored diamonds is a guaranteed conversation starter and is a surefire way to display your individuality. What precious gems do you have in your jewelry box?

Rose Gold

This elegant, beautiful metal serves as a subtle reminder that modern fashion and timeless treasures can be one and the same. Fine jewelry in rose gold looks beautiful, trendy, and boasts of effortless style. From bracelets and pendants to diamond rings and earrings, this alternative to yellow gold and white gold is a sure success in any circle.

No Bands Barred

Get creative and bold with your ring bands. Brilliantly stacked bands, intertwined or twisted with dazzling diamonds, and unexpected contours and stones are just what you need to stand out. The stacked look will only keep growing in popularity.

Floral Finds

This fun trend is fabulously feminine. Bright diamonds placed in a garden-like display give off a romantic and free-spirited vibe. Think of it as a floral crown for your finger, neck, or wrist. Accessories with succulent patterns, leafy borders, and flowers big or small spruce up any outfit! Dainty and delicate, or bold and daring…anything goes with this style!

Statement Pieces

It’s no secret that single pieces of bold jewelry make a memorable fashion statement. Think rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets with dazzling gems. Long, elegant earrings with gleaming diamonds and bold patterns are a definite fashion forward move. Adorning your neck with a sizeable rock in an unexpected shape is the perfect adornment on an otherwise simple outfit.

The beauty of fine jewelry is that it’s more than just a fashion! These trends provide an opportunity to score fashion avant-garde jewelry with timeless value. Visit our store and see our selection of items.

We hope you don’t make 12 jewelry mistakes again

I bet you made all sorts of mistakes in jewelry, I wish you hadn’t. This may be a lack of time or bad habits, but it’s more likely that you don’t have enough information to realize what the problem might be.

So I’m here to help you out by listing my top 12 jewellery mistakes and how to avoid making them – for your own sake.


Even I know how easy it is to slip into the habit of wearing the same pieces day in, day out – and almost never taking them off. But it’s a good habit to break for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, your everyday jewellery will get grimy in places you can’t see or in ways that you don’t necessarily notice because the changes take place slowly. That’s especially the case for earrings with part of the pieces hidden behind your ear lobe and potentially leading to infections.

You should take your everyday pieces off regularly to give them a good clean with some warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush.   I recommend doing this every 1-2 weeks.

Secondly, you’ll be boring and nobody wants that! So have a think about the jewellery you have in your collection and how you can use more of it on a regular basis.

If you don’t have much jewellery or your collection has some gaps in it, then come up with a plan to add more pieces over time (including dropping big hints to loved ones at the right times of year!).


When shopping online or offline for jewellery you should always be clear on what the pieces are made from. If the seller doesn’t specify the materials then it’s likely the designs are not made from sterling silver, gold or other precious metals. If you’re unclear, then you should always ask before you buy.

Chrysanthemum Two-Tone Stud Earrings

In particular if a piece gives the appearance of being gold but is inexpensive, then it’s almost certainly not gold at all – or at best it will be very thinly plated. Gold is a very expensive metal and there is no such thing as cheap gold jewellery.

Non-precious metal jewellery is unlikely to wear well over time and may turn your skin black or green. It may even cause allergic reactions or worse.   Thinly plated jewellery may fairly quickly wear through to the metal beneath.

You should also know what any gemstones are: whether they are manmade or natural – or whether they are entirely fake. Any of these options are fine in the right circumstances, but it pays to be aware of what you’re buying.

Of course low cost costume type jewellery has its place and if you’re happy for a design to be a relatively short lived fashion piece and your skin will tolerate the materials, then that’s perfectly okay.

Just keep in mind: knowledge is power. Read our handy articles to get the lowdown on gold and silver so you better understand what the deal is with these metals and why they’re so valuable and useful in jewellery.


Related to point 2: don’t be boring!

When seasons change is a great time to do some experimenting in front of a mirror with different outfits and accessories (including jewellery of course). Be as creative as you can with combinations and make notes of what works for you so you’ll remember to mix it up a bit as you’re getting dressed for work or different occasions.

Also make note of any types of pieces you wish you had to extend your wardrobe further. Making the right investment in jewellery and accessories can add a great deal of creativity to your wardrobe for years to come.

You should check out our 15 Jewellery Style Tips for more advice on making the most of your jewellery collection while not losing yourself in the process.


This is a big one. So many people fail to clean their jewellery regularly, if at all. It can be easy to miss the build up of general grime and tarnish, but – believe me – it will be there and it will be noticeable to others.

Chrysanthemum Two-Tone Necklace

You wear jewellery against your skin and clothing for extended periods while undertaking all sorts of activities, so of course it will need cleaning from time to time, just as your clothing does.

I recommend scheduling a thorough clean of your jewellery at least twice a year (or more often depending on how you wear and store your pieces). The transition into warmer and cooler months of the year is a great time to do it. This can involve anything from a quick wash with a gentle soap through to more complex tarnish and grime removal, depending on the pieces.

It pays to educate yourself about how to clean your jewellery safely and correctly, so check out our 10 quick jewellery cleaning tips and also our comprehensive jewellery cleaning and care guide. And don’t forget to add this as a recurring task in your diary.


While it’s better to make an effort to clean your jewellery than not to do it at all, not all cleaning methods are created equal and some may permanently damage your precious pieces.

Cleaning your precious metal jewellery with toothpaste is really not a good idea. It’s abrasive and it will deplete the metal over time, making any heirloom pieces less and less valuable. It may also terminally damage finishes. Same goes for using baking soda which is rubbed against the metal to clean it: just don’t do it.

Using any form of alcohol with gemstones is likely to also be a bad idea. In fact my top tip is to use alcohol for drinking purposes only! This is especially important for more porous gems like pearls, opals, turquoise and lapis lazuli.

I recommend that you avoid harsh chemicals altogether, unless those chemicals are specifically recommended by professionals for cleaning the type of jewellery you have. Read the care and cleaning articles linked to in point 4 for advice.


There a few reasons to avoid wearing your jewellery in water.

Firstly, it can be easy to lose your pieces – especially when showering. If the idea of your precious ring slipping off and going down the drain before you can save it terrifies you, then it’s not a good idea to take the risk.

Also you’ll find that your earrings, necklaces and gemstone rings are likely to get gummed up by the residue from shampoos, conditioners and soaps over time. If you do keep some pieces on when you shower or bathe, then make sure you take them off occasionally to give them a good clean as per point 2 above: earrings especially.

Finally, if you’re going for a swim, I recommend you leave your jewels safely at home.

Swimming in pools or the sea while wearing precious metal jewellery is never recommended. Chlorine used in pools or jacuzzis can discolour silver and many gemstones – and it can even potentially weaken gold. As for salt water, it can dull even diamonds and erode soldered parts in metal jewellery.


Avoid storing your jewellery in a place where humidity is an issue, especially bathrooms. Sterling silver jewellery in particular will tarnish faster in humid places.

You should also store your precious jewellery away from free flowing air. In part it will simply get dusty and grimy, but sterling silver and other metals will tarnish a lot faster when left unworn in the open air.

Also be aware that metal jewellery which gets jumbled up and can easily rub against other pieces will get damaged.   You want to avoid scratching and scuffing silver and gold especially, but also softer gemstones.

I recommend storing your jewellery in a dedicated jewellery box, jewellery roll or even keep each piece (or pair) in its own small padded box. This will limit the exposure to flowing air and humidity. Depending on your storage set up it can also help to prevent scratching and tangling.

If you prefer to display your jewellery on a necklace tree or similar, then be prepared to clean it much more regularly – and don’t forget to dust it too!

Daisy 925 Sterling Silver Stud Earrings


Related to 7: you should always clasp your necklaces when you take them off. This will help to avoid tangled chains which can be very difficult to pull apart. As a jeweller, I spend a lot of time untangling lengths of chain and it’s not a lot of fun.

If you’re still having trouble with tangles, then look at using straws or other tubing to help you out. You can put one end of the necklace through the straw before clasping it, which will make tangles pretty much impossible for most necklaces.


This tip is one I’m especially passionate about as jewellery can be a bit of an ethical minefield.

Here are some issues I recommend you consider when shopping:

Does the jewellery business use recycled precious metals where possible? Does it recycle its own metals?

Are gemstones ethically sourced – especially diamonds and other high value stones, which may come from war zones?

Are lab grown or simulated gemstones used (these are generally more ethical and sustainable than mined stones while still being high quality)?

Does the seller make their own pieces by hand? If not, where are they made and are working conditions safe and ethical?

Is the seller up front about the type of materials used in their designs?

Are the prices appropriate? Too cheap means almost certainly means that someone is being ripped off somewhere along the line (and it could even be you!). Check out our article on how to truly support independent designers and why it’s great to shop small, shop local and shop handmade.


I’m not naming any names, but you know the types of shops I’m talking about: they’re the big jewellery chain stores you see in many shopping malls and online – and they promise a world of sparkles for not a lot of money.

Sometimes their pieces are sourced from people working in very poor conditions and often the workmanship can be very shoddy – to the point of jewellery not being repairable if and when something goes wrong.

If you’re looking for high end ‘traditional’ jewellery, then find a smaller scale manufacturing jeweller with a good reputation.

If you’re looking for more contemporary, artisan style jewellery then find independent designers you like and patronise them as much as you can.

These approaches to shopping for jewellery will result in a much better investment for you. You’ll also benefit from the feel good factor by shopping from businesses that you can truly feel comfortable supporting and helping to flourish.

Red Cord Solitaire Diamond Bracelet


Instead of always throwing on your favourite necklace or pendant with almost every outfit, have a think about the different types and lengths of necklace that will go well with different types of necklines. You’ll find it will add a lot more interest and style to your wardrobe.

It’s a good idea to have an array of necklace lengths available in your jewellery collection. You should also pick up necklace extenders so you can easily vary the lengths of the necklaces and pendants you love to wear.


Not determining your ring size correctly will only lead to frustration, delays and possibly additional costs when you buy rings: it’s best avoided. Take the time to get your ring size right before shopping and to understand what the issues are.

Check out our ring size guide. The most important tip of all is to invest in a ring sizer before you purchase – or even visit a jeweller in person to get an accurate size.