What is the best diamond cut for sparkle?

A dazzling diamond is a lighthouse, which is favored by many ladies who love beauty…

Who hasn’t been charmed by the sparkle of a magnificent diamond? With the numerous diamond cuts on the market, you might have asked yourself, “What is the best diamond cut for sparkle?”.   Whether you are shopping for your perfect diamond or are ready for an upgrade, we will show you the best diamond cut for sparkle. In no time you will know how to identify the best diamond cut for sparkle, other diamond cuts with great sparkle and how to afford the diamond of your dreams.

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History Of The Best Diamond Cut For Sparkle

The best diamond cut for sparkle was created by Marcel Tolkowsky in 1919. For his doctoral thesis at the University of London, Tolkowsky sought to determine the exact proportions of a diamond needed to maximize light dispersion. Born in a family of diamond cutters and well versed in math and engineering, Tolkowsky believed that he possessed the skills to improve the standard of diamond cutting. Tolkowsky understood that if a diamond was cut too shallowly or deeply then light would escape out the sides and bottom of the stone, diminishing the diamond’s ability to sparkle.

Tolkowsky created a mathematical formula for cutting diamonds proportionally, which was referred to as the “ideal cut,” enabling light to effectively reflect within the diamond and magnificently sparkle. Prior to Tolkowsky’s discovery, diamond cutting was more of an art than an exact science. For example, old-miner and old-European cuts were cut and measured by hand with less advanced techniques. Even with Tolkowsky’s formula for the optimal diamond proportions, only an experienced diamond cutter can craft a diamond to meet these standards.

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The Best Diamond Cut For Sparkle

When it comes to selecting the best diamond cut for sparkle there is one clear choice, the round brilliant. All diamond cuts have a unique facet pattern that determine a gemstone’s potential to sparkle and round diamonds were specially designed to create maximum sparkle. When light hits a diamond, it is reflected of the diamond’s facets (the flat surfaces cut into the diamond) which act like mirrors and allow light to bounce within the stone. Brilliance is the term for the light emitted from a diamond, commonly referred to as sparkle.

Today, 75% of all diamonds sold are rounds, due to their versatility in various settings and magnificent sparkle. In addition to the round, there are other diamond cuts that provide great sparkle such as the oval and pear. Both fancy cut diamonds are excellent alternatives to round cuts as they provide a modern twist on a timeless cut and their 58 facets create exceptional sparkle. Keep in mind that a diamond’s sparkle is also determined by how well a stone is cut. The better a diamond is cut, the more easily it can reflect light and sparkle. If a diamond is cut poorly, light will not be able to properly travel throughout the stone, making it appear dull and lifeless. Therefore, a well-cut round diamond and a poorly cut round diamond of the same carat weight will provide a different amount of sparkle.

Tips For Further Enhancing Sparkle

After reading our guide, are you ready to find your perfect diamond with fantastic sparkle? Now that you know the best diamond cut for sparkle, as well as other fantastic alternatives, we will show you how else you can enhance your diamond’s overall sparkle.

Regardless of which diamond cut you choose, ensure that you pick a diamond whose cut grade is Excellent or Very Good. With great cut grades, light will be able to best travel throughout the diamond and sparkle.

The setting your diamond is in can enhance or diminish its ability to sparkle. For example, if your diamond is in a bezel setting, then only the top of the diamond will be exposed to light. On the other hand, a prong setting will not obstruct the diamond and allow more light to enter into the stone.

You may opt for a halo setting, in which your diamond will be encircled by a row of smaller diamonds. This way, the halo of diamonds will collectively add to your jewelry’s overall sparkle.

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How To Upgrade Your Diamonds

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How much is my blue diamond worth?

Blue diamonds have always been a popular and highly anticipated color for the author and my favorite color of diamonds.

Because of their rarity, blue diamonds can be incredibly valuable. Over the past few decades, as the demand for blue diamonds has grown, their worth has steadily increased. The ultimate value of your blue diamond depends on a few primary factors:

  • Cut

The cut of a diamond can affect the intensity of its color, altering its value. Certain cuts are rarer (such as a blue emerald cut) and also higher in demand on the market than others.

  • Color

Color is the largest determinant of your blue diamond’s value. The color of your gem can be analyzed based on three attributes—hue, saturation, and tone. Hue refers to the actual color of your diamond. Many blue diamonds exhibit shades of gray, green, or violet. The more pure the blue color of your diamond, the higher its value. Tone signifies how light or dark the color of the diamond is, and saturation refers to the strength or weakness of the color. Blue diamonds with a higher saturation are generally more valuable. Fancy color diamonds are ranked from fancy light to fancy to fancy dark to fancy intense to fancy deep to fancy vivid, depending on the saturation and tone of the diamond’s color. Where your blue diamond falls on this scale will largely determine its value.

  • Clarity

The clarity of a diamond refers to how flawless the diamond is. The fewer inclusions, or flaws, that your diamond contains, the greater its worth.

  • Market Conditions

The market conditions have a large impact on the price you will receive for your blue diamond. If your style of diamond is in high demand on the market at the time of sale, its value will be greater.

  • Carat

Simply put, the higher the carat weight of your diamond (i.e. the bigger it is), the more valuable it is.

What is the most expensive color of a diamond?

It’s no secret that diamonds are expensive, but have you ever wondered what the most expensive color of a diamond is?The answer depends on whether we are talking about white diamonds or color diamonds.White diamonds are colorless in nature, while fancy diamonds exist in a variety of colors, such as blue, red, pink, orange or green.Let’s take a closer look at the most expensive diamond colors, what makes them so popular, and detail some of the most famous diamonds.


Red is the most expensive diamond color. However, if you are looking at white diamonds, the most expensive diamond color grade is D.

Colored Diamonds: Red

When it comes to the most expensive diamond color, red diamonds stand above all colored diamonds. The bottom line is that red diamonds are incredibly rare. And pure fancy red diamonds even more so, as most red diamonds have color modifiers such as purple, orange and brown.

Unlike other fancy colored diamonds whose color is graded on a scale from Fancy Faint to Fancy Vivid depending on their color intensity, red diamonds only exist as Fancy. The Gemological Institute of America’s researchers are not exactly sure what causes red diamond’s color. Fancy colored diamonds such as blue and yellow diamonds gain their color from impurities present during their formation process. As for red diamonds, experts speculate that their color comes from changes made to the diamond’s molecular structure.

These elusive red diamonds are found in Africa, Australia and Brazil. 90% of the global supply of red diamonds come from the Argyle mine in Australia. This mine produces 14 million carats of diamonds a year, which also includes pink, white and brown diamonds. Less than 20 carats of certified red diamonds have been sold from the argyle mine as they have a low production of gem-quality diamonds. Furthermore, most red diamonds weigh less than half a carat, with the world’s largest red diamond weighing in at 5.11 ct., a stark contrast to the Cullinan I, which is the world’s largest cut and polished white diamond at an astonishing 530 ct.

The Argyle mine has been in operation since 1983 but is expected to close in 2020 as its diamond supply is running low. With the mine’s looming closure, the value of red diamonds is constantly rising. Even a one carat red diamond can be sold anywhere from $300,000 to $2 million dollars, depending on the quality of the diamond, easily making fancy red diamonds the most expensive diamond color in the world. Rather than being bought by consumers, these extremely expensive red diamonds are mainly bought by collectors and investors.

As red diamonds are by far the most elusive and expensive diamond color, we’ve collected a list of some of the most famous red diamonds:

The Moussaieff Red: Also known as the “Red Shield,” this the largest red diamond in the world at 5.11ct. When found by a Brazilian farmer in the 1990s, this diamond originally weighed 13.9ct and was later shaped into a trilliant cut. This sizable red diamond gained its current name once it was acquired by the Moussaieff jewelry firm for $8 million during the early 2000s.

The Kazanjian Red Diamond: The second largest red diamond in the world weighs in as a 5.05ct emerald cut, believed to be worth over $50 million. When found in South Africa in 1927, this diamond weighed a massive 35t in its rough state.

The DeYoung Red Diamond: This 5.03ct round cut red diamond is the third largest red diamond in the world. This diamond was named after Sydney DeYoung, the Boston jeweler who eventually donated this diamond to the Natural History Museum of the Smithsonian Institution. DeYoung’s company acquired this diamond through an estate sale when the stone was just believed to be a garnet hat pin. Today, this remarkable diamond is estimated to be worth about $5 million.

The Hancock Red: While weighing in at 0.95ct, this Brazilian purplish red diamond became famous in 1987 when it sold for $880,000 making it the most expensive per-carat gemstone ever sold at auction. This diamond was named after its collector Warren Hancock who had bought the diamond for just $12,500 in 1956.

White Diamonds: D

You may have heard of the 4 C’s of diamonds, which are the basics of diamond grading. One of the 4 C’s is Color, and it refers to the amount of color (or lack thereof) that a white diamond displays. Diamond color is graded on a scale of D to Z, with D as colorless and Z as a light yellow. Keep in mind that this color grade only applies to white diamonds. A white diamond with a D color grade is the most expensive white diamond color as these diamonds allow more light to pass through the stone, creating a sparkling appearance.

When buying a diamond, some people may prioritize selecting a diamond with a color grade that’s as close to D as possible. In order to afford a diamond with a D color grade, the buyer might compromise on one of the other 4 C’s such as carat weight or clarity.

Lady brooch Jewelry should be worn somewhere

Brooch in life everywhere, can play the role of decorative clothing, many stars will use brooch decoration, so that the whole shape to play the role of the finishing touch. The brooch doesn’t really have to be worn on the chest, there are plenty of places to wear, and take a look at where women’s brooch accessories should be worn.

Ginkgo Leaf Brooch

Women brooch Jewelry can actually wear a lot of places, you can create some of their own way of wearing, ** The traditional buckle method is to buckle the brooch on the lapel of the coat. You can also do not on the scarf, shawl or scarf wrapped around the neck, you can use a large brooch to fix at will. Or it’s OK on a bag, on a hat, on a shoe.

Mermaid Pearl Brooch

With regard to the choice of women’s brooch ornaments, women can wear fashionable and chic, small and delicate brooches when wearing shirts or thin woolen sweaters. In the wearing of formal clothes, you can choose a larger brooch, the material is also better, the color should be pure. If you want to buckle on the chest, try to put a few small brooch irregularly together to create a lively jump movement. Winter clothing, fabrics are often heavy, crisp mainly, brooch can choose metal, gemstone or a sense of weight.

Blooming Flower Pink Pearl Brooch

About where women’s brooch accessories should be worn, women can make specific decisions along with their dressing style and collocation style. The brooch is worn by a woman on her lap to show her identity and status, and the West even wears a brooch as a ritual. A small brooch, worn on different fabrics, or with different styles of clothing to match, the resulting embellishment effect and even the overall aesthetic effect is not the same OH.

Silver Wedding

Silver Wedding is how many teenagers are married

Silver wedding refers to 25 years of marriage, many countries are married 25 years as a silver wedding anniversary, but Russia is the exception, they are married for 40 years to be called Silver Wedding. As a child, you should understand how many years of marriage is married, in the parents of the 25 silver wedding anniversary should be sent a good blessing.

Fine Crown White Gold Ring

Silver Wedding Blessed language

Silver Wedding Blessing Language: Once felt that love should be vigorous, meet you, feel that love can also long stream, will not disappear, will not leave. Some people say that love to the end, but also only reduced to kinship, by the life of rice oil salt submerged. I would like to say that the reason why love can be converted into kinship, it is because there is love in the heart, if not, how can you endure the other side of the face old, but still moving as before. Sincerely bless you, every day in the future, like a silver wedding as bland but far-reaching.
How to celebrate Silver wedding

How do couples celebrate silver wedding in 25 years? On a silver wedding, you can celebrate with friends and family, and let them witness the little things you’ve been through in 25 years, the sweetness and happiness of life. Can also pass two people of two people in the world, a toast to the past years, a toast to a happy life, can also accompany themselves through the ups and downs of her proposal once, sent a young when not sent a diamond ring, give her a romantic surprise.

Platinum Diamond Ring It’s the right amount of money to buy.

Platinum is a naturally formed white precious metal, with pure, rare and timeless characteristics, Tiny has “love metal” said. Also because of this, now many newcomers will choose to use platinum diamond rings to witness each other’s love when they get married. So, how much is the right platinum diamond ring to buy? Let’s take a look at it together.

The price of a platinum diamond ring is mainly related to the quality of the diamond, the diamond 4C level will directly affect the price of the diamond ring. Because the Diamond 4C rating is clear and detailed, there are two diamond rings that we feel no different from the naked eye, and the price will vary greatly. According to the Diamond 4 C difference, platinum diamond ring prices from thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, the price range is larger. If you are ready to buy a platinum diamond ring, it is recommended that new people make a good budget in advance, and know that some diamond related knowledge is better. In addition, different brands for diamond ring pricing is also different, new people can learn more about the diamond ring brand, contrast to choose. Men’s life can only customize a DR diamond ring, by the man’s real name customization, life only send one person, meaning the only true love of life, is a good choice.

Platinum diamond Ring How much is the right amount to buy? In fact, this problem does not have a standard answer, new people can be based on their own economic strength and actual needs to judge. If the economic conditions are better and the budget is adequate, new people can consider buying a premium platinum diamond ring of one carat or more, and if the budget is tight, you can choose a simpler platinum diamond ring style.

Platinum diamond ring and 18k gold diamond ring, which is better?

Platinum diamond rings and 18k gold diamond rings are the more popular love witnesses in the two years, we will certainly be entangled in the process of buying diamond rings between the two diamond rings. So a lot of people are particularly wondering, which of these two types of diamond rings is better? Today’s small series will give you a answer and help you make a final decision.

Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Set

Platinum diamond rings and 18k gold diamond rings are the more popular love witnesses in the two years, we will certainly be entangled in the process of buying diamond rings between the two diamond rings. So a lot of people are particularly wondering, which of these two types of diamond rings is better? Today’s small series will give you a answer and help you make a final decision.

Only Love Diamond Ring - White

Only Love Diamond Ring – White

To tell you the truth, Platinum diamond rings and 18k gold diamond rings are like a pair of sister flowers, each has its own advantages, each has a short. There is no better one, only the two of them in which field is more excellent. Xiao Knitting So, can you understand? First of all, because platinum gold content can be as high as 90% or 95%, and 18k gold gold content is only 75%, so in terms of stability, platinum won. Platinum in ordinary life can not be easily faded, and 18k gold is not necessarily. Therefore, if you value the usefulness of diamond rings, it is recommended to buy platinum material.

Second, platinum diamond rings are not as much color as 18k gold diamond rings. Small part in the above said to you, Platinum gold content is high, it is said that its purity is high, so its color unified for silver. On the other hand, 18k gold has only 75% gold content, and the rest is made from a mixture of metals. As a result, the 18k gold color becomes more, such as red, yellow and rose gold, etc., 18k gold can be provided for you. So if you like a ring with a beautiful color, consider 18k gold.

Ins Style 18K Gold Heart-shaped Ring

Ins Style 18K Gold Heart-shaped Ring

Finally, on the premise that the quality of the diamond is the same, the price of the platinum diamond ring is higher than the 18k gold diamond ring. This is determined by the market and is also due to the rarity of platinum over 18k gold. If the picture is cheap, it’s better for you, 18k gold. In short, specific analysis of the specific situation, the two of them have their own advantages.

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How to choose diamond rings, diamond ring Selection Tips Summary

In addition to the selection of diamond rings to pay attention to 4C quality and withdrawal materials, but also need to look at the style, as well as the brand and other aspects, the selection of diamond rings summarized as follows:

Rhombus Topaz White Gold Ring

Diamond 4C Quality:

4 C is an important factor affecting the price and quality of diamonds, the first thing to consider when choosing a diamond ring is 4 C. 4C refers to weight, clarity, color and cut, and the higher the 4C, the better the diamond quality, the more expensive the price. When buying a diamond ring, it is recommended to look at the cut first, then look at the clarity and color, and finally consider the weight.

Blindly pursue the weight of the large carat diamond ring is not advisable, if the cut, color and cleanliness is poor, the value of the diamond ring will be greatly reduced, and the wearing effect is not particularly good, but if you choose a moderate weight, cut, color and clarity is also better diamond ring, the ring wearing in the hand shines dazzling light, The hand-to-hand room sets off a personal elegance and charm.

Cut Out Pattern White Gold Ring

Abstinence Material:

Platinum diamond Ring: Stylish generous, simple design atmosphere, platinum metal color can perfectly set off the diamond luster, Platinum nature is pure, never fade, like after time honed and unchanging love, and platinum is known as “Love Metal”, and the symbol of pure and flawless love with the diamond collocation, the meaning is also more romantic and profound.

18K Gold diamond ring: rich and varied colors, different ring colors can set off different skin tones, 18K gold hardness is high, can be firmly inlaid with large carat diamonds, but also competent for some of the more complex style design, will not easily drop the drill, in terms of price, other aspects of the same, 18K gold diamond ring than platinum diamond ring is cheaper.

Raised Pattern White Gold Ring


If you want to buy a proposal diamond ring, then you should choose the style design is more luxurious, inlaid with a larger diamond style, generally we will choose more than 30 points of the diamond ring.

If you want to buy a wedding diamond ring, then you should choose the style design is more low-key, simple style, because the wedding ring is a man and a woman each, so if the man feels that the diamond inlaid is too niang, then you can choose to set the diamond dark in the inner wall or the style of the vegan circle; The material can be unified.

If you buy a diamond ring as a daily wearing jewelry, then you can choose according to their preferences can be set off a personal temperament and hand type of diamond ring on the good. General women’s hand type are more petite, you can choose the style design exquisite, dexterous diamond ring.

Classic Solitaire Rose Gold Ring


Different jewelry brands have different styles, some fashion, atmosphere, some personality, some are fashionable, young, light luxury; So choose a brand that matches your personal temperament to buy diamond rings is also very important, the main thing is different brand added value is not the same, diamond ring prices are not the same. The added value of the international first-line jewelry brand is certainly higher than that of other brands.

Then there is, to choose a brand with a certain degree of visibility, quality assurance to buy diamond rings, brands need to be able to provide relevant diamond inspection certificates, and user evaluation is good. In addition, the brand should also provide perfect after-sales service.

Some people buy diamond rings, more than the meaning of the brand. Then brands like Jewelry by Mail are a good choice, DR diamond rings need men to customize with ID card, and a lifetime can only customize one, the diamond ring to the loved one in this life, representing the “love you only one person in a lifetime” romantic commitment.

Jewelry by Mail Logo

The above content is about the diamond ring selection skills Summary, in the purchase of diamond rings, it is recommended that we first set a reasonable budget, and shop around after making a choice, to buy the most suitable for their own diamond ring.

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